COOL BLUE refers to two projects: Cool Blue Nordic and Cool Blue Baltic.

The Deliverables produced in COOL BLUE will be uploaded to this page as and when they become available:

COOL BLUE NORDIC Deliverables:

  • D1.1 – Stakeholder list of existing commercial initiatives, value chain actors and potential buyers relevant to regenerative ocean farming in 3 pilot regions
  • D1.2 – Summary of interviews, surveys and market analysis to understand the needs and gaps where regenerative ocean farming can have the most socio-economic impact
  • D1.3 – Report on commercial outreach activities with local businesses and stakeholders
  • D1.4 – Market analysis and business model canvas for each pilot region based on smallscale, low- or multi-trophic regenerative aquaculture
  • D1.5 – Summary report of pilot-scale regenerative business model tests across the 3 pilot regions with comparison of
    commercial performance, environmental and socio-cultural requirements
  • D2.1 – Digital map of existing community initiatives relevant to regenerative ocean farming
  • D2.2 – Regenerative Ocean Farming Manifesto
  • D2.3 – Educational activities (min. 3 short videos, min. 3 lesson materials, min. 3 webinars and online handbook for ocean farmers)
  • D2.4 – Community outreach activities (minimum of 18 site visits, 6 public demonstrations)
  • D3.1 – Regulatory assessment and policy recommendations targeting relevant authorities and institutions in each pilot
  • D3.2 – Factsheets (M12) on candidate species for low-salinity cultivation in community ocean farms, targeting local
    authorities and community groups in the pilot regions, with a full report and protocol in M34
  • D3.3 – Report on ecosystem services video monitoring and eDNA sampling data
  • D3.4 – Report summarising socioeconomic versus ecological impacts of regenerative ocean farming in three pilot regions
  • D4.1 – Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation & Follow-Up Plan (CDEFP)
  • D4.2 – Segmented stakeholder lists
  • D4.3 – Visual Identity Package & Dissemination Toolkit
  • D4.4 – Project Website and Online Repository
  • D4.5 – Strategic Development Plan for Out-scaling Regenerative Ocean Farming
  • D5.1 – Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • D5.2 – 1st updated DMP
  • D5.3 – 2nd updated DMP
  • D5.4 – Project management plan and guidelines
  • D6.1 – OEI – Requirement No. 1
  • D6.2 – OEI – Requirement No. 2
  • D6.3 – OEI – Requirement No. 3

COOL BLUE BALTIC Deliverables:

  • D1.1 Cool Blue Work Plan
  • D1.2 Data Management Plan
  • D2.1 Summaries of 5+ Co-assessment workshops (short report as input for D1.2)
  • D2.2 The Cool Blue Baltic Sea Regenerative Action Plan
  • D3.1 Cool Blue Common Licensing Framework
  • D3.2 Cool Blue Online Training Platform
  • D3.3 Cool Blue ROF Data-sharing Network
  • D3.4 Cool Blue (Crowd)Funding Mechanism
  • D3.5 Cool Blue MPA Stewardship Programme
  • D4.1 Project web page
  • D4.2 Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Plan
  • D4.3 Project Factsheet
  • D4.4 Policy Brief
  • D4.5 Cool Blue Baltic Festival
  • D4.6 Updated Policy Brief